How To Buy Starlink Accessories [2023 Guide]

Are you Wondering How to Buy Starlink Accessories?

If the answer is a YES. Then keep reading here we discuss where to Purchasing Starlink Accessories.

The Starlink kit includes a temporary mount, a standard-length Starlink cable, and a Wi-Fi router and it will cost $599. You can purchase Starlink Accessories separately from third-party vendors like amazon, eBay, etc.

One More Important thing is that you need an active Starlink account logged in to view the official store. If you don't have an account or are not eligible for a full order, the store link above will not work!

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Where to Buy Starlink Accessories?

You have the choice to purchase Starlink Accessories from third-party vendors like Amazon or the official Starlink store.

The option you select will be determined by many criteria, including price, availability, and features. For example, if some items in the Starlink store go out of stock, you may decide to purchase an aftermarket mount.

Mounting Accessories

Mounts are the most popular Starlink accessory. The base included with the Starlink kit is not adequate for permanent installation if you intend to put your satellite dish on a roof, wall, or other inclined surfaces, you'll need a rotating mounting device that allows the dish's mast to be almost vertical.

You can also check out aftermarket mounts for Starlink because they are much cheaper and more readily available than mounts available in the Official Starlink Store.

Starlink Blinker Mount

Another option for mounting accessories is the official Starlink store. Starlink have a variety of mounts. The Pivot Mount is their alternative to the J-Bracket. For exterior walls and roof overhangs, the Long Wall Mount and Short Wall Mount are popular mounts.

Official OEM mounts are the way to really go if you want a classy-looking mount that matches the colour of your Starlink chainring. They are much more expensive and have had supply issues, but they are more compatible with Starlink out of the box than aftermarket mounts.

Network Accessories

Most homes will require more Wi-Fi coverage than can be provided by a single Wi-Fi router. When you purchase the Starlink kit, you will receive a very capable Wi-Fi router; however, many customers will need to expand their system to provide better Wi-Fi coverage and reliability.

You might also want to connect to the router directly via Ethernet. Starlink network accessories can help with this.

Starlink Ethernet Adapter

The Ethernet adapter is the most common networking accessory that people will want for Starlink. This official Starlink accessory is a proprietary design, which means it can only be obtained from Starlink; no aftermarket versions are available.

The Ethernet adapter is compatible with more recent rectangular Starlink systems. The older round dish included a WiFi router with an ethernet port. Starlink has removed the Ethernet port from newer Starlink routers to reduce costs and limit hardware delays caused by supply chain issues. Customers who wish to connect via Ethernet must purchase an adapter from the Starlink store.

Starlink mesh nodes

Set up a mesh network if you need to extend your Wi-Fi signal to more areas of your home. Although aftermarket mesh products are available, Starlink also offers an official version that is compatible with the current rectangular chainring.

To provide better Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home, this official Starlink mesh system will compete with existing aftermarket mesh networking options.

Aftermarket mesh systems are ideal because they are less expensive, have more features, and are more compatible with the stock round chainring.

Starlink suitcases for recreational vehicles

With the Launch of the Starlink RV service, many people are taking Starlink wherever they go. Protecting your Starlink hardware is absolutely essential, so RV commuters, van dwellers, and overland travelers must invest in protective cases.

The Starlink Travel Case is the Starlink Official case. Starlink is currently restricting orders to a small number of customers. Visit the Starlink Shop to see if it is available for your account.

Where can I order accessories?

Official Starlink accessories can only be purchased from the Starlink Official store. If you want to buy Starlink accessories, you must have a Active Starlink account.

You can also find various Starlink accessories like mount on amazon, eBay, and from other reputable sellers.

How do I order official Starlink accessories?

You can order Official Starlink accessories if you only have an Active Starlink Account and for more details, you can Read this Article here we explained it all in detail.

Full Orders

Customers who are eligible for the full Starlink kit order will have access to the Starlink store. You can purchase stands and other accessories during or after your initial hardware kit purchase.

Preorder Deposits

You have to Pay $99 to be placed on the Starlink waiting list, and When your order is complete, your account will be activated, then you will be able to shop for accessories in the online store.

Round Plate vs Rectangular Plate

When the Starlink beta first launched in 2020, the dish and router that customers received in their kit were different from the ones made today. The original plate was round and the current plate is rectangular.

It is important to note that official Starlink accessories for the original coil are not compatible with the accessories for the newer coil. Aftermarket accessories, on the other hand, are generally compatible with both versions.

As for what is different between the round and rectangular dish, the router/power supply was changed to an all-in-one unit, the Starlink cable was designed to be detachable, the ethernet port was removed from the router, and hardware/ It made software changes to increase manufacturing and energy efficiency. And of course, the shape of the plate was changed!

You can see the accessories for each version of the chainring on the Starlink store chainring selection page. Be sure to select your plate to see the compatible accessories.

Final Words

When shopping for Starlink accessories, you have a lot of options. For  Some items, like the Starlink Ethernet adapter, must be purchased from the Starlink store. Other options, such as mounts or mesh Wi-Fi systems, may be purchased from Amazon and other retailers but make sure the retailer is Trusted.

We advise people to consider all of their options and make a decision based on their specific requirements.

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