How to Remotely Connect to the Starlink App [Easily]

Hello Guys, In this article we are going to show you how to connect to the Starlink App Remotely. With a recent software update, Starlink users now can remotely connect to their Starlink router from anywhere in the world.

You might be caught in a situation where you are out of your home and your family members having trouble with Starlink Internet.

Then you need to connect with Starlink App remotely to troubleshoot the issue. So, here is the Step by Step guide on How to Remotely Connect to the Starlink App.

Steps to Remotely Connect the Starlink App

1. Open the Starlink App

You must open the Starlink app after connecting with your cellular network or any other WIFI Network. Remember, you must be disconnected from your Starlink Wi-Fi.

2. Tap on the Account Profile Icon

Starlink Remote Connect Steps

After opening the Starlink App, You will see Disconnected in the app. To initiate a remote connection, click on the account profile icon in the upper left corner of the Starlink app.

3. Confirm the App is Trying to Connect Remotely

Starlink app remote connecting

After clicking on the profile page in Starlink app, you will see your account details. Notice Right below the sign-out button, you should see Connecting to your Starlink remotely as shown in the above image.

 If you do, proceed. If you don’t confirm that you are disconnected from the Starlink WIFI and have internet connectivity via your cellular network or any other Wi-Fi.

4. Close Account Profile to Remotely Control Starlink

Starlink app remotely connected

Tap the X (close) button in the upper left to close the account profile section. If you see the status of  Online in Starlink app that means you are now Remotely connected. If not sure, check the blue dot on the account profile icon that indicates a remote connection.

If it still shows disconnected then wait for 20 sec and Start again From Second Step. Still not working? Make sure your Starlink app is up to date and also Starlink firmware.


Now by Clicking the Stats icon, You can view your network statistics, including uptime and usage.

Settings, Devices, and more.

While you are Remotely Connected, Features like speed testing or checking for obstructions will not be available, as these features require your phone to be connected to the Starlink WIFI network.

When you connect to your Starlink remotely, you'll have access to connected devices, settings, and support. You can do things like pre-heat the dish in preparation for an upcoming snowstorm. Alternatively, you may need to stow the dish to reset the connection for troubleshooting.

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