Starlink High Performance Dish Now Available for Residential Users

 Do you want High Performance Dish from Starlink Business?

Good News!

SpaceX Starlink Just opened up access to High Performance dish to residential users which was limited only for Business Customers. Now Starlink High Performance Dish is available for all users who wants more Performance than Standard Dish.

Starlink High Performance Dish

How Much Does High Performance Dish Costs?

The Starlink High Performance option costs $2,500, compared to $599 for the Standard Dish, but the monthly price $110 remain same for the internet access.

Difference Between High Performance Dish and Standard Dish?

The Starlink High Performance Hardware option delivers faster internet speeds due to its high-gain antenna, provides stable connectivity, is more rugged, and can handle extreme weather conditions.

This rugged dish can see 35% more sky, allowing it to communicate with more satellites. It also performs better in the presence of unavoidable obstacles.

Speed of Starlink High Performance Dish

Users with High Performance dish can expect speeds ranging from 150 to 300 Mbps. In comparison, the standard dish promises speeds ranging from 50 to 200 Mbps.

Right Now, there is not much difference in speeds of High Performance as compared to Standard Dish. Atleast for Now, Both Perform Similar in terms of Speed but High Performance Dish Option provides greater sky visibility, a stronger antenna, and improved weather resistance.

Final Words:-

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