Why is Starlink so slow? FIX Now !

 Are you facing Slow Internet with your Starlink Connection?

If Yes, then we have Explained here the major Causes that can possibly be the cause of Slow Internet Speed in Starlink. Also, We have Shared Some Tips to improve Starlink Internet Speed.

Improve Starlink Slow Internet Speed

What is the Average Starlink Speed?

Before we get into the Problems that cause slow Internet speed. Firstly, we should know what Average Starlink Speed Users are getting. You can match with that whether you are getting good Speed or not.

The Starlink Average Download Speed is 90 mbps and the Average Upload Speed is about 9mbps. Remember that Starlink Speed can vary from area to area and depend upon the weather and location.

If you are getting a slower speed than Average Starlink Speed then Here are Some Causes that may be Slowing Starlink Internet Speed.

What causes Starlink speeds to slow down?

There may be Several reasons why you are facing Slow Starlink Speed but we are going to discuss here some most common causes that can slow down Starlink Internet.

Wifi Problem

If you are facing Slow Starlink Speed via Wifi. Then Open the Starlink app, and tap on Network. Now you will see Your connected devices, with a Wifi strength meter.

Also, you must perform a speed test once standing near to your Starlink Router. If You are getting Good Or Improved Speed near Starlink Router. This means the Problem is Wifi Signal then try to upgrade them to get a better signal across your house or Add a mesh system if necessary.

Remember The further you are from your Wifi router, the slower your speeds will be.

Network congestion

The biggest issue facing Starlink customers right now is network congestion. The demand for Starlink Internet service is huge in comparison to the capacity of the network.

In the Peak Usage Hours, you may be facing slow internet speed because of too many Starlink Customers using at the same time. So, you can test your internet speed during Non Working hours like at 7am or 11pm.

If you get normal speed then likely the cause for Slow Starlink Internet is Network Congestion.

Faulty Hardware

There are several Hardware parts that can become faulty and cause Slow Starlink Speed. If you tested your internet Speed in different times and still experiencing slow speeds all the time then that may be due to Starlink Router or Dish is Faulty.

If you are using Statrlink Internet via Ethernet Cable and facing slow internet issue while using ethernet that indicated may be your ethernet cable is having some problems.

If you suspects any hardware issue then must contact Starlink Support for an Exchange. If you are using any third party Router check their Settings are correct and also put the Starlink router into Bypass mode if you are using 3 party Router.

Tips to Improve Starlink Speed

To Improve Starlink Speed you must Contact Starlink Support. They have advanced diagnostic tools to identify and remotely troubleshoot issues that you may be facing.

Also check out these Few Tips that you can use to Improve your Starlink Internet Speed. You can Try these tips and give your feedback in comments.

  • Turn off devices when they aren’t in use.
  • Use Ethernet when practical to Improve Speed
  • Check if your dish has any obstructions according to the app, then fix that for to get optimal performance.
  • Use the Starlink app Range feature to check the Level of Wifi signal throughout your home. Add a mesh system if necessary

Final Words:-

I hope that you liked our article and please tell in comments if these tips helped you to improve your Starlink Internet Speed and if you have some amazing tips to increase Starlink Speed then feel free to share them here.

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