Starlink Launched Flat High Performance RV Dish For In-Motion Use

 Starlink Just announced a new "Flat High Performance dish" designed to access high-speed, low-latency internet while you’re anywhere on the road while you're traveling will be now available to order from Starlink.

starlink flat high performance dish available for moving vechile

This new hardware(Flat High Performance dish)  is basically what it sounds like: a flat, more rugged version of the Standard Starlink satellite dish. The new design is intended for use while in-motion and allows for permanent mounting on a vehicle.

Everything You Need to Know About Starlink Flat High Performance

The Flat High Performance Starlink hardware will cost you $2,500, plus $50 for shipping and handling fees. This is significantly more costly than the standard Starlink for RV equipment, which is $599.

No matter which hardware option you choose, Starlink RV costs $135 per month. Starlink is now taking orders for the new dish and expects to begin shipping the kits near the end of 2022.

But, Flat High Performance Starlink will allow you to pause and resume service as needed — a useful feature for those who aren't traveling full-time.

According to Starlink, Over the standard model, the Flat High Performance has a wider field of view and enhanced GPS capabilities. These two features enable the dish to connect to more satellites, resulting in a more reliable connection for use while moving.

The Flat High Performance dish is designed for permanent installation only. Included in the hardware kit is the flat antenna, router, mounts, power supply, & cables. The router and power supply each come with their mounts.

The dish comes with an IP56 rated and a temperature operating range of -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C). Starlink says that a properly mounted Flat High Performance dish can withstand winds up to 174 mph.

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